Best Portable Toilet For RV Travelers (Please Read Before You Buy)

Once you buy an RV, the first thing you need to figure out is to get the best portable toilet for RV. Trust us, we romanticized the idea of an RV life as much as you did. But the only thing that kept us from getting into the venture for a long time was the idea of dealing with poop every day.

After spending years on the road now we have learned the whole business is not as bad as it seems. All you need to do to make your RV life a happy experience is to get the best portable RV toilet.

You will be surprised to know how many brands and models of portable toilets are out there. You can choose any style or size of a portable toilet for your RV. Here are our best portable toilet seats for RV to help you choose one.

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1. Best Choice Products Camping Hiking Dual Spray Jets Travel Outdoor Portable Toilet, 5 gallons.

The Best Choice portable toilet has a sturdy and durable exterior made of polyethylene that makes it perfect for outdoor uses. The dimensions of the toilet seat are 16 x 14 x 16.2 inches, and it weighs 10 pounds. The size may seem small to some people, but it is very lightweight and easy to carry around.

The toilet seat has a freshwater capacity of 3 gallons and a waste capacity of 5 gallons. It can be used for up to 50 flushes and doesn’t require to be cleaned frequently. The best feature of the portable toilet is its heavy-duty flush pump. What makes the best choice toilet the best portable RV toilet is its bellows style pump with a strong flushing action with one press.

It is very clean as you can separate the water tank from the waste tank. It has a double-sealed drain system that prevents leakage and keeps odors in control.


  • Inexpensive
  • No odor issues
  • Durable body
  • Works great for 1-2 people for three days
  • Strong flushing action
  • Work great for kids – kid-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to empty with causing a mess.
  • Easy to clean
  • Doubled-sealed drain system


  • It may be uncomfortable for tall users
  • Has a very small seat and sits too low to the ground. 

2. Aqua-Magic Bravura RV Toilet with Hand Sprayer / High Profile / White – Thetford 31100

Thetford is probably the best brand when it comes to sleek and beautiful designs of portable toilet seats. The Aqua Magic is just that and more. It has a sleek body made of durable, heavy-duty plastic. The toilet seat has a height of 17inches. Therefore, it very comfortable for all those people who complain about shorter heights of portable toilet seats.

Aqua Magic needs to be fully installed.It comes with a mounting system. The seat is lightweight and mounting it very easy. Moreover, the seat has a pedestal like a flushing pump. You just press on it to the flushing action. The flush does a thorough job and you can control the action simply by your foot.

The seat comes with a hand sprayer to save water and help in cleaning. Cleaning the unit is not difficult. Overall, it looks and feels like a regular house toilet seat.


  • Sleek exterior, strong body
  • Tank odors are contained 
  • Easy installation
  • Strong flushing action- The flushing action seems to be really smooth and easy
  • Easy to install
  • Perfect height
  • Comes with hand sprayer


  • Can be expensive for some people
  • Poor packaging

3. VINGLI Upgraded Portable 5.3 Gallon Flushing Camping Toilet for RV/Boat/Truck

VINGLI is an all-rounder among portable toilets for RV. Its dimensions are 16.5″H x 14.4″ W x 16.3″D, and it weighs 11.5. The size is perfect and is very comfortable to use. The body is made of polyethylene. It is lightweight, compact, and durable.

The portable toilet has a 5.3 gallon waste tank, and 3 gallons water capacity and can be used for up to 95 flushes. That’s is the maximum a portable seat can offer. The ease of use and no need to empty it frequently is the feature that makes it the best portable toilet for RV.

Another great feature is the advance piston style flushing. In addition to that, the t-shaped, three-way flushing makes waste disposal easy. Moreover, the bowl has a slippery coating that keeps the bowl clean without requiring much cleaning.

VINGLI uses a splash-free rotating pour spout that makes it easier to empty it. There is a waste indicator that turns red when it is time to empty the waste. It has a sealed valve that avoids leakage and keeps odors in control.


  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Strong flushing action
  • Easy clean bowl
  • Sealed valve for leakage and odor control
  • Splash-free pour spout
  • 5.3 gallons of waste capacity
  • Up to 95 flushes
  • Affordable
  • Great height for comfortable use


  • The bottom of the tank is in the shape of a bowl – it rocks at times
  • Valve sticks after a while 
  • It’s been reported that the arrow dump tube clogs up often and sometimes hard to dump

4. Portable Toilet for Camping Traveling Outdoor Activities 5.2 Gallon Porta Potty for Adults and Kids by Campersville

The Porta Potty is a decent portable toilet seat. Its dimensions are 16”x14”x16, and it weighs 10.5lb. It is lightweight and durable with a body made of high-density polyethylene. It is perfect for using inside the RV or outdoors.

It has a capacity of 5.2 gallons for waste and 2.6 gallons for freshwater. It can be used for up to 70 flushes. The flushing action constitutes an air pump. On pressing a button, the air pump flushes the waste. The tank can later be emptied when convenient. Because of the big capacity, you can wait two to three days between emptying the tank.

The waste tank and water tank can be separated for easier cleaning. There is a sealed valve to keep the odor in check and prevent leakage.

The price is great and at a very reasonable amount, you get the full functionality of the best portable RV toilet. However, some customers have complained about a little splashing when cleaning.


  • Lightweight and strong
  • Great capacity and size
  • Up to 70 flushes
  • Air pump and strong flush
  • Low maintenance
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to empty


  • A few customers reported splashing
  • Some leaking issues have also been reported
  • Flush valve doesn’t close completely

5. Tobbi 5 Gal 20L Portable Outdoor/Indoor Portable Toilet for RV, Marine, Camping, Healthcare

Tobbi is a less popular name in portable RV toilets which is strange as it offers great features and quality at a very cheap price. You can get the unit for as low as $55, and get free shipping from Amazon.

It has a shiny, sturdy body of ABS quality. The seat has a comfortable height of 16.5 inches. It weighs only 11.2 pounds. This makes it easier to carry around. The 5 Gallons tank capacity is also great and makes it more convenient for RV travelers on the road for days.

It has a strong flushing action that performs great with just one pump. It also ensures a splash-free experience. The product has mixed reviews. But if you are looking for the best portable RV toilet, and aren’t ready to invest a lot, this is a safe bet. At a very low price, you can enjoy all the good features of a top-quality RV toilet seat.


  • Very cheap
  • Strong exterior
  • Good height
  • Great capacity of waste tank


  • Mixed customer reviews
  • Leakage complains


To enjoy your RV experience, you must have the best portable toilet for RV. Depending on your budget, you can choose any of these toilet seats as they all have great features with efficient functions. We hope this article will help you in choosing the best portable toilet seat for RV.