Biodegradable Toilet Paper Brands

Biodegradable Toilet Paper Brands (#1 Info Guide)

Despite being made from a natural product, standard toilet paper does not degrade well in septic systems. This is particularly true for RV and other mobile systems that rely on chemicals to break down waste and paper products. The result is that standard-issue toilet paper is not welcome even for home septic systems because it causes stoppages and backups to occur.

Over the past couple of decades, biodegradable toilet paper has arrived on the market. If your home has a septic system or you own an RV with a portable waste collection system, then you need to know about this form of toilet paper, and which are the best brands on the market.

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What is Biodegradable Toilet Paper?

All toilet paper is biodegradable, it’s just that some are far more biodegradable than others. Standard toilet paper tends to have chemicals and bonding processes that make it harder to degrade and break down over time.

Biodegradable toilet paper, as the name suggests, is far easier to degrade and be reduced to its base elements. Plus, it takes up less space in the septic system. When combined with other techniques, it can reduce the maintenance and drainage of your septic system. Plus, reduce the chances of backups or stoppages from occurring.

Now that you know what it is, the next step is finding what brand of biodegradable toilet paper is best for your septic system.

What Brands of Toilet paper is Biodegradable?

The best brands are a combination of limited use of chemicals combined with being recycled for maximum protection of the environment. What follows are a few brands that are highly recommended for use in septic systems.

Coleman Camper’s Toilet Paper

From a name synonymous with camping, this toilet paper is not only biodegradable but two-ply for extra strength. It is designed for use outdoors such as with campers and hikers out in the woods. It comes in packages small enough to fit easily into your backpack. And it is perfect to keep in your vehicle for emergency situations.

Green Forest Premium Unscented Bathroom Tissue

There are no harsh chemicals used in the creation of this toilet paper. That means no fragrances, dyes, or chlorine as is common with standard toilet paper. Plus, it is made from recycled paper which helps protect the environment.

Most importantly, this Green Forest product received an A- rating from the Natural Resources Defense Council. This makes it one of the best on the market in terms of biodegradability and environmental protection.

Scott 1000 Sheets per Roll

It’s only single ply, but it does biodegrade four times faster compared to standard toilet paper. Plus, it is unscented for those with sensitive skin. However, the biggest selling point is arguably the price which is one of the cheapest considering all the toilet paper you get.

In Conclusion

When looking for the best biodegradable toilet paper brands, the three mentioned here offer an excellent place to start. For those in RVs, Scott is arguably the best given how easily it breaks down. However, Green Forest and Coleman Camper’s also offer affordability combined with strength and proper protection for your septic system.

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