Can You Poop in a Portable Camping Toilet

Can You Poop in a Portable Camping Toilet?

The answer to the question of can you poop in a portable camping toilet is yes, of course you can if you purchase one that is designed to be used in outdoor or private areas. Thanks in part to advancing technology and people wanting more freedom when they travel, a portable toilet is becoming more popular.

In fact, many who travel for a living such as truck drivers or enjoy camping carry a portable toilet with them regularly. The new designs, improved material, and addition of a flushing system that simulates the real flush of a standard toilet makes them part of your trip.

What is a Portable Toilet?

As the name implies, this is a toilet that can be stored in your vehicle. It’s lightweight enough to be carried around, yet durable enough to last with the proper maintenance. Most portable toilets have the appearance of standard toilets that you find in homes and businesses around the world. However, there are a couple of important differences.

The most important, apart from its portability, is that the toilet is self-contained and not connected to a sewage system or drainpipe to the septic tank. This means that the waste material does not go anywhere once it reaches the bottom of the tank where it is stored. You will need to empty the tank once it is full or you are no longer using it for a while. So, can you poop in a portable toilet? Of course, but you’ll need to dispose of the contents in a designated place and clean the tank.

Why Choose a Portable Toilet?

There are good reasons why you should consider purchasing a portable toilet. Thanks to advances in materials and flushing technology, portable toilets today are far more efficient, easy to maintain, and convenient compared to their older counterparts.

Freedom: Arguably the most important reason why you should purchase a portable toilet is that you are no longer tied to rest stops or public restrooms when traveling. You have the freedom to use the toilet when needed and continue on your way. This means that you can plan your trips with a portable toilet in mind.

Portability: Because lighter-weight materials are now used, a portable toilet is relatively easy to carry despite its size. While this does not mean that anyone can easily carry the toilet, it does require less strength because of the lighter materials.

Cost-Efficient: Purchasing, cleaning, and maintaining a portable toilet is fairly inexpensive. This is especially true when you use the common disinfectants and deodorants that help clean the tank. Plus, the deodorants will maintain a fresh odor which makes it far easier to carry around.

You’ll want to choose a portable toilet that is comfortable for you to use. Most portable toilets are roughly the same size and height of a standard toilet, but some are not. You may want to sit down on the toilet or at least check the measurements if you are ordering online.

How to Use a Portable Toilet

Now that you have made the purchase, the answer to the question of can you poop in a portable camping toilet is not only yes, but you can do so easily when you purchase the right model. Most portable toilets are shaped like the ones you find in your home. They are designed to be used in the same manner which includes freshwater that flushes the contents to the waste tank.

What follows are the standard instructions for using most portable toilets. You should always follow the directions for the toilet you are using as provided by the manufacturer.

Sit Down: Portable toilets are meant to be used sitting down. This greatly reduces the splashes in which some of the water may escape the toilet. So, if you need to use the toilet, sit down comfortably on it.

Toilet Tissue: It is recommended that you use biodegradable toilet tissue. However, because you are dumping the contents in a designated area, you can use whatever type of toilet tissue works best for you.

Flush Once, Maybe Twice: Once you are finished, pull the lever open which leads to the waste tank. Pump the water from the water tank to create the flushing action. You do not need to be overzealous when pumping the water, so one or two flushes should do the job before you close the tank and place the lid down.

Emptying the Toilet

There are two basic reasons to empty a portable toilet. It has reached full capacity, or you are ready to store it for a while. In either case, you will need to empty the toilet. You can follow the directions as provided by the manufacturer, but in most cases, you will need to do the following;

Choose a Designated Area: Disposing of human waste does not mean dumping it on the ground. This is especially true if your portable toilet uses chemicals to help break down the waste material. You will need to find a designated area, such as an RV dumping site for portable toilets. Or, if you cannot find such a site, then your own toilet when you arrive back home will have to do.

Wash Out the Tank: Once the tank is empty, you will need to wash it out to remove any remaining waste material. You should add about a ½ cup of disinfectant to the detergent you are using to ensure that any remaining germs or bacteria are destroyed.

Add Deodorant: Now that you have fully cleaned out the portable toilet, add a little deodorant to remove any remaining odor. This will help the portable toilet smell fresh after you put it away for storage.

While the answer to the question of can you poop in a portable toilet is yes, the bigger question is whether having a portable toilet is right for you and your family? If you travel frequently, especially if your job involves plenty of driving such as a truck driver, then you should consider getting a portable toilet.