Dometic 970 Series Portable Toilet Review

The Dometic 970 Series Portable Toilet Review That Doesn’t Suck


Traveling can be very rewarding on a mental and physical level. However, as travelers, we know about the importance of having certain accessories that can enhance and help our overall travel experience. Of the products geared toward traveling, a portable toilet has become one of the most popular products to utilize. Thus, why we’re going to take a look at the Dometic 970 series portable toilet in this review.

A portable toilet is a product that eliminates the unneeded stress of worrying about where you have to go to the bathroom. Think about all the times you were traveling and needed to go to the bathroom but couldn’t find somewhere to go. Thus, the popularity of these products. They usually range in price, are easy to use, and are compact enough that they’ll fit well for any travel need. I especially recommend one if you plan on hiking or camping. Since a bathroom is even less common in the wilderness, this will help you go wherever, whenever.

Since we’re taking an in-depth review of one of these portable toilets from Dometic, we’re going to go over a bit of background information on the company itself. Afterward, we’re going to go over our honest review of the product. After our review, we’re going to list out some pros and cons, as well as our verdict on it. Once our review is finished, we’re going to take a glance over our buyer’s guide on the subject. The buyer’s guide will cover a variety of information pertaining to the subject.

Let’s get started!

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Dometic Background Information

As a company, Dometic has been around for a number of years. Most of their products tend to be highly rated and sought after. As far as toilet accessories go, Dometic has a variety of options to choose from in that regard. They even make toilet accessories that are geared for standard toilets.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a plus that they have a lot of experience in this sort of field. It shows that they have the expertise needed for it. Nonetheless, let’s see whether the Dometic 970 series portable toilet is as good of a product as the rest of their products.

Dometic 970 Portable Toilet Review

Upon a closer look at the Dometic 970 series toilet, you’ll notice it comes in a few different options. Those options being a 2.6-gallon toilet and a 5-gallon toilet. Size-wise, you should probably consider getting the larger option since the 2.6-gallon is a bit too small. Although it’s always better to have something to be as small as possible when it’s portable, the 5-gallon option won’t cause too much of an issue.

Plus, the price difference is barely noticeable between the two size options. Weight-wise, the toilet weighs around 14-pounds which makes it relatively light. Since whatever waste you end up adding to it will only make it heavier, it’s nice that it can be built well but still be light.

As for how it actually operates, one thing I noticed right away was the push-button. The push button works like a normal pressurized flush and works beautifully. I was very impressed that it worked as well it did since it’s not a standard toilet. Plus, it uses less than a pint of water per flush. Some toilets like this use way more water than they should, but it was nice to see that this one didn’t.

The seat itself is pretty standard and is surprisingly comfortable. However, the seat is pretty small. So, if you’re a large person, this might not work too well for you. It’s very easy to clean and maintain. It has a removable section that you can easily dump into a garbage bag. All in all, it’s a very good toilet and works how it should. Other than the size of the toilet seat, it occasionally had minor issues with it after it flushed. It would occasionally fall “off-track”, but nothing that isn’t too difficult to fix.


  • Unique design that allows it to have a pretty powerful flushing capability.
  • It doesn’t take too much water to operate.
  • It’s very easy to clean and maintain. The removable section makes it easy to dispose of waste.
  • If the seat can fit you okay, it’s pretty comfortable. Very similar to a standard toilet seat comfort.
  • The prismatic tank level indicator is easy to use and understand. It allows you to maintain it easily.
  • A good compact size to it makes it easy to transport anywhere.


  • It doesn’t have a toilet paper holder which is kind of a bummer. Not the biggest deal though.
  • After a decent amount of use, you may need to fix a few minor issues such as cracks.
  • The seat was very small. It worked well for me, but if you’re a larger person, you may run into some issues with it.


Is the Dometic 970 series toilet a solid product to check out? I’d have to say yes. Although there are few minor build-quality issues and the seat is a bit small, it’s a fantastic product. It’s a must for anyone who camps or hikes since it can be easily packed away for any trip. As noted, it’s easy to clean and operates in a way that’ll work out perfectly for you.

So, if you’re a traveler who wants to make their life a little bit easier, definitely consider picking one of these units up. You won’t regret it. Before we finish our review article up, let’s take a look at a portable toilet buyer’s guide and a bit of other information pertaining to the subject.

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Portable Toilet Buyer’s Guide

Before we go into the specifics of a toilet like this, it’s important to know exactly what a portable toilet is. For starters, they achieve the same goal of a normal toilet as a way for someone to go to the bathroom.

They differentiate from each other in how they actually operate. Rather than being hooked up to a tank, a portable toilet typically has a handle that is used to spray water or flush. The area where the waste goes is removable so that it can be disposed of.

Other than their actual design, a normal toilet and a toilet like this is meant the same way. The reason a toilet like this was invented in the first place was that we know how important a toilet is.

Whether you’re hiking or on a long stretch of highway, we all know how annoying it can be when you need to go to but can’t find anywhere to go. Nonetheless, let’s take a look at some other information surrounding these kinds of toilets.

What to Look for in a Portable Toilet

As far as this subject is concerned, quality and size are the two most important things to consider. Quality-wise, you’re going to want your portable toilet to be the highest quality it can be. It’s going to be thrown around in your car as you drive which means it can be damaged easily.

Plus, if you’re a frequent traveler then you’ll be using it a lot more than you might expect. However, it’s a bit of a no-brainer that whatever you buy should have a good quality to it. Either way, make sure any of the units end up buying is built well. Even if it’s a bit out of your price range. It’s better to buy something that’s built well and expensive, than something that’s cheap and built horribly.

Size is important since you definitely don’t want to carry a toilet like this that’s too large. Carrying a giant toilet will only cause you more than good since it’ll be a massive annoyance. One that’s compact and effective will make a massive difference. Basically, if it’s compact, you won’t have to worry about making extra space for a giant toilet. It’s as simple as that.

Other Information

Other than the information already presented, just remember to do your research. Don’t settle on a product just because it’s within your price range. Make sure it’ll fit your needs and has a good amount of reviews behind it. For example, we reviewed this specific product because we know it’s a solid product. Basically, be smart with whatever you buy.


Is the Dometic 970 series portable toilet worth it? I would have to say yes, it is definitely worth it. For frequent travelers, hikers, and campers, this toilet will make a huge difference when it comes to going to the bathroom. Be sure to check it out yourself and let us know in the comments if you have any questions!

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