Gigatent Pop Up Pod Review

Our New Gigatent Pop Up Pod Review (4 Pros & 3 Cons)

Introduction to the Gigatent Pop Up Pod Review

Generally speaking, we’re all searching for fun and exciting ways to explore the outdoors. Of the ways to explore the outdoors, camping is one of the most popular options to enjoy a bit of time away from our regular life.  With camping, you can go on hikes, go fishing, explore the outdoors, have campfires, search for wildlife, and much more. It’s an incredible experience that a lot of us strive to endure from time to time.

Whether you’re a frequent camper or someone who has only done it a couple of times, there are a variety of tools and products offered by companies that are meant to enhance or improve someone’s camping experience. Of the products available for camping, a pop-up pod is an excellent option for those of us who want a bit of privacy for camping. To highlight one of the best pop-up pods available, we’re going to review the Gigatent Pop Up Pod.

We all know how activities in life can be significantly improved with products and tools that are designed to improve them. It’s a no-brainer that we all are looking for certain things to help our life in a variety of ways.  Now that we all understand the importance of investing money into improving individual experiences let’s discuss our review.

Before we go into our analysis, we’re going to go over Gigatent as a company. Doing so, we’ll highlight what they offer and see how they are as a company. Afterward, we’re going to go over our review and highlight a few pros, cons, and our verdict once the discussion is over. To finish off the article, we’re going to discuss a bit of other information pertaining to the subject. Let’s get started!

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Gigatent Background Information

As noted, it’s essential to check out the background information behind a company you’re considering buying from. It lets you know their history, what they sell, and if they’re worth buying from in the first place.

Luckily for us, Gigatent is a fantastic company that has been around for quite some time. They specialize in everything surrounding the world of tents. Whether it’s a 3 seasons massive tent, or a portable pop-up pod, they have everything.

Other than tents, they offer canopies, folding chairs, sleeping bags, coolers, backpacks, pet cots, and much more. As you can tell, the company is fully invested in camping. They offer virtually everything when it comes to living comfortably during a camping experience. Nonetheless, let’s take a look at this product from them and see if it’s worth it!

Disclosure: Best Composting Toilet, as an Amazon Associate, earns commissions on qualified purchases. This informative review article may contain affiliate links. Commission and earnings support our work. This means we may receive a commission if you purchase items from links embedded in the articles.

Gigatent Pop Up Pod Review

Whether you buy a pop-up pod or a tent, generally speaking, the quality is what’s most important. In either circumstance, if the condition is lacking, then you’ll be left with something worthless to use in the wilderness. You should never have to deal with something that’s not built well when we’re talking about camping.

However, with this product, it’s made very well. The quality itself is excellent, and you can tell it’ll last you a long time. Height-wise, it’s roughly 6 feet in height, so it’ll work pretty well for most people. However, considering I’m on the taller end of the spectrum, I wish it was a bit higher. Not a huge deal, but definitely would’ve been nice.

No matter the situation you’re in, it’s straightforward to place and use. Considering how lightweight it is, you can theoretically bring it with you wherever you go while camping. It comes with a portable carry bag which makes it easy to bring with you.

On top of having a portable carry bag, it’s exceptionally lightweight, which makes it easy for any travel situation. Considering how high the quality of it is, it’s even better that it’s easy to bring anywhere. The fact that the installation is instant was a huge positive in my mind. If it took way too long to set up, it wouldn’t be an advantageous product. Luckily, it’s swift to set up.

Although this is a bit more subjective, the color of it was very satisfying and fitted nicely with any campsite. The beautiful green tone of it allows it to work correctly with the surrounding area. It’s a fantastic product that should be utilized by all campers. It’ll help you deal with going to the bathroom, getting changed, or showering when you usually wouldn’t be able to.


  • It was effortless to install and put away. I was delighted with that matter since it’d be annoying if it took too long to use.
  • The heavy-duty material of it demonstrated to me that’ll last me a long time. It’s always nice to know a product will last you a great deal of time after you buy it.
  • It’s very light, which means it’s straightforward to bring it wherever you need to bring it. Plus, it comes with a portable bag, which was a nice touch.
  • The material isn’t see-through at all. Which means it’s completely safe to get changed or use the bathroom in it.


  • It’s not very tall. Although 6-feet might be enough for some people, I wish it was a bit taller.
  • It didn’t come with any accessories. This isn’t a huge deal, but usually, products like this come with something extra.
  • No toilet paper holder. Considering most of us are going to use this to go to the bathroom, it would’ve been nice to have a toilet paper holder.


All in all, this is a fantastic pop-up pod that’ll work great for any camper. If you’re looking for something that’ll help you get a bit of privacy while camping, this is the product for you.

It’s very affordable, easy to use, portable, and built very well. There isn’t much more you could want from a product like this. Considering everything the product offers you, it’s certainly worth the price if you’re a camper. Be sure to check it out yourself and see how you like it.

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Pop Up Pod Buyer’s Guide

We hope you enjoyed our review! Before we finish this article up, let’s discuss our pop-up pod buyer’s guide. For those of you that don’t know, a pop-up pod is a smaller tent dedicated to giving people privacy while camping.

Privacy while camping is usually meant for people to go to the bathroom, get changed, or take a shower if they have a portable shower. Since it’s portable, you can theoretically have the “privacy” of a bathroom wherever your camping adventure leads you. Usually, people who go camping in big groups buy them so that everyone involved in camping can have a sense of privacy if need be.

What to Look for in a Pop Up Pod

In case you want to get a general understanding of what to look for in a pop-up pod, look no further! Down below will list off what you should for in one.


If you’re a tall person, make sure you double-check what the height of the pop-up pod you’re interested in is. You don’t want to be over 6 feet tall and buy one that’s under 6 feet. That obviously wouldn’t work well for you.


When it comes to a product like this, quality is most important than anything else. Make sure the product you’re checking out is built well. Otherwise, it’ll rip and not work well for you as time passes.

 Removable Top

If you’re looking to utilize a portable shower with a product like this, then it’ll need to have a removable top. Usually, they do but always double-check to make sure they do. Because if they don’t, it’ll be challenging for you to use your portable shower.

Toilet Paper Holders/Storage

If you’re planning on using a product like this to strictly use the bathroom, you should see if it has a toilet paper holder or not. Although it’s not required, sometimes they have a velcro toilet paper holder, which makes it a lot easier to go to the bathroom.

What is a Portable Toilet?

A portable toilet is exactly what its name sounds like. It’s a toilet that can be used or carried with you to use wherever, whenever. Unlike being stuck in a wall, everything in a portable toilet can be moved and works very easily. It typically works with a lever and a section that is removable to dispose of waste.

Generally speaking, campers use them, and they fit in great with a product like the Gigatent Pop Up Pod.

Side Note: History and Appreciation

To finish off our review, we’re going to highlight a company that has a fantastic message to share. Reliance Outdoors has been around for quite some time and offers everything in the world of camping. One aspect that makes them unique is not only their love for camping but their dedication to being environmentally aware and Eco-friendly.


We hope you enjoyed our review of the Gigatent Pop Up Pod. It’s a great product that every camper will get a lot of use out of. Before we go, let’s quickly recap everything. We went over Gigatent as a company and discussed the variety of products they offer in the world of camping. Once we finished up our review, we discussed a few pros, cons, and our verdict on the product.

From there, we went over what a pop-up pod is, and our buyer’s guide of one. Afterward, we went over what you should look for in one. All in all, it’s fantastic, and definitely check one out for yourself!

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