Green Elephant Folding Commode Portable Toilet

Green Elephant Folding Commode Portable Toilet Review

Introduction to the Green Elephant Toilet

There is no better feeling than going out to explore areas you’re not familiar with. It’s a refreshing experience that every person should consider doing at some point. Unfortunately, there are a lot of concerns with travel, primarily with using the bathroom. Thankfully, there are plenty of portable toilets you can bring with you, including the Green Elephant Folding Commode Portable Toilet Seat.

Portable toilets are beneficial for people who plan on camping, hunting, or doing anything where a standard toilet isn’t applicable. Though it may seem unnecessary at first, portable toilets grant a level of comfort you wouldn’t know was necessary. Comfort greatly enhances travel, so do what you can to get the most out of it.

Still, there are countless portable toilet options to choose from. Although practically every portable toilet will benefit you to a certain degree, some are significantly better than others. As a result, it’s best to know which is best for you. Hence why we’re reviewing the Green Elephant Toilet.

Nevertheless, our review will discuss Green Elephant’s Background Information, pros, cons, and verdict. From there, we’ll highlight plenty of other information related to the toilet. Be sure to read on if you hope to see if the toilet is worth your time, on top of an abundance of information related to the subject.

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Green Elephant Background Information

At whatever point you purchase anything camp-related, it’s best to purchase from a company with a set of experiences identified with the subject. With this in mind, Green Elephant has been around for a long time and offers countless items tied to camping.

Besides their portable toilet, they offer latrine packs, camp mats, solar showers, solace seats, and substantially more. As evident, a company genuinely working in this field tends to offer better products. In my opinion, this is a critical benefit regarding their portable toilet.

Products tend not to be as good if an organization doesn’t have practical experience selling something. Fortunately, Green Elephant works in the field they specialize in. It’s just something to remember when you’re thinking about purchasing a particular item. Nevertheless, how does the portable toilet hold up? Let’s take a look and see!


The Green Elephant Portable Toilet is arguably the most accessible portable toilet on the market. Instead of it requiring countless hours of set-up, the toilet shouldn’t take you any longer to get it going. The toilet makes camping a more comfortable experience, making you feel like you’re at home.

The toilet makes the bathroom experience less stressful and enjoyable, no matter where you might be. The toilet is perfect for long car trips, RVs, fishing, hiking, hunting, construction sites, outdoor living, and more. Considering the toilet is only 3.5 lbs, you can quickly bring it wherever you want.

Though it’s incredibly lightweight, the toilet is made from stainless steel, is durable, and easily folds so that you can store it without worry. Consider keeping the toilet in your car or camper, so you’re prepared for every situation. You never know when an emergency might pop up.

The seat is entirely covered by Green Elephant’s plastic toilet, meaning you don’t have to clean up a mess after every use. Though it can be a pain to purchase the plastic bags from Green Elephant constantly, the bags are very efficient and easy to use.

The replacement bags can hold up to 8-gallons, making them reasonably large compared to other portable toilets. Kids should have no issue using the unit as well, making the toilet excellent for families who require one while they’re on an extended road trip.

Cleaning-wise, the toilets are super easy to use. Again, the replacement bags can be an annoyance if you use them a ton. Still, that’s the only real negative with the unit since it’s sturdy, affordable, and does everything it’s supposed to do.

Green Elephant Portable Toilet
Green Elephant Portable Toilet


  • The toilet is straightforward to set up and use.
  • Clean-up isn’t an issue with the toilet since it comes with easy-to-use replacement bags.
  • It’s very sturdy.
  • The entire unit is surprisingly comfortable for what it does.
  • It’s incredibly light, making it easy to transport.
  • The replacement bags hold up to 8-gallons.


  • You need to replace the bags when they’re complete, which can add up.
  • The toilet isn’t highly versatile.


If you’re looking for a portable toilet that isn’t overly complicated and takes a minute to set up, this is the toilet for you. The Green Elephant Folding Commode Portable Toilet Seat is one of the most affordable yet straightforward portable toilets on the market.

Though the toilet requires replacement bags every time you fill one up and isn’t super versatile, that isn’t a huge deal considering its low price. We all know how annoying it can be to set up some more complicated toilets. Why worry when you can get a simple toilet like this unit?

Nevertheless, rather than conclude here, let’s take a look at a ton of other information related to the subject. Let’s discuss what a portable toilet seat is, what the point of one is, if you can use toilet paper with it, and more. By the end of it, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect with a unit like this.

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What’s a Portable Toilet Seat?

Think of a portable toilet seat as you would with a standard toilet. The toilets are highly efficient at what they do, offering a person comfort and the ability to use the bathroom in applications a toilet isn’t ordinarily available.

As for how they operate, the two differ a few different ways. The Green Elephant model is essentially a better version of going to the bathroom in a bucket. It’s more comfortable and keeps the waste in a bag that you can dispose of.

There are more expensive portable toilets that keep the waste separated in a tank that you can dump out into a dumping site or a bag. Either way, portable toilets are essential for what they offer. Bring it with you rather than worry about finding a bathroom on the road.

What’s the Point of a Portable Toilet?

The entire point of a portable toilet is to bring a toilet with you in an application where a toilet isn’t ordinarily applicable. Think of settings where you’d need to use the bathroom but would have to find a rest-stop to find a comfortable spot to use the bathroom.

Even then, rest-stops tend not to be that comfortable since there are people everywhere. As a result, a portable toilet allows you the ability to set up a toilet wherever you want. Whether you’re camping, hunting, in an RV, or anywhere, a portable toilet is there for your benefit.

Green Elephant Portable Toilet
Green Elephant Portable Toilet

Can You Put Toilet Paper in a Portable Toilet?

Some portable toilets vary in their functionality. As a result, many people are interested in putting toilet paper in a portable toilet or not. Some toilets don’t allow toilet paper in their unit to clog the toilet up. The flush functionality isn’t like a toilet at home, meaning you can’t flush away toilet like you would at home.

The Green Elephant unit allows toilet paper since it’s bag-based. Just remember, the more toilet paper you use, the more room you’re taking up in the bag. Try to be mindful of how you’re going, so you can try to get the most out of every replacement bag.

Are Green Elephant Portable Toilet Replacement Bags Expensive?

No, Green Elephant understands that you’re going to go through several replacement bags with every trip. As a result, the company makes their replacement bags very affordable, so you don’t have to worry about spending a ton every time. Just remember to stock up, so you don’t run out when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

Where Can You Empty a Portable Toilet

As far as actually emptying your portable toilet, you can either dispose of the waste in a dumping site or a bag. Since Green Elephant makes it very easy for you to dispose of the waste, just be mindful of finding the right dumping site for it. Don’t throw the bag out in a random bin without knowing that it’s okay first.

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We hope you enjoyed our discussion on the Green Elephant Folding Commode Portable Toilet Seat. Considering how beneficial it is to utilize a portable toilet, it’s even more worthwhile to know an abundance of info related to the subject.

Though the portable toilet isn’t the most versatile unit and requires bags, its pros far outweigh the cons. The toilet does everything it’s supposed to do and is an excellent portable toilet with everything you could hope for.

Be sure to read some of our other reviews if you hope to compare the unit to some other portable toilets. Also, consider leaving a comment below if you have any questions about the toilet, Green Elephant, or anything tied to the subject. We look forward to hearing from you?