How To Clean A Portable Camping Toilet

How To Clean A Portable Camping Toilet

The way how to clean a portable camping toilet can be pretty simple but complex if you don’t know what you’re doing. Following these steps will not only lead you to a clean portable toilet but a cleaner, safer experience.

Clean Regularly – Tip #1

It’s been proven that portable toilets that are cleaned regularly and frequently, actually perform better. Knowing this, it’s vital to keep your portable camping toilet clean. This will avoid having to replace your portable camping toilet.

(Or having to deal with the smell of an unclean toilet.)

Cleaning a portable toilet requires a different process than a normal household toilet. The reason behind this is their structural differences. There are certain tips and tricks you will need to know to keep your portable toilet clean, last longer, and maintain its usability.

Use Special Products Designated For Portable Toilet Only – Tip #2

Before you even start using the toilet, it’s important to use the deodorant that was made for portable toilets. Pour a small amount of the deodorant into either the toilet base or waste tank (depending on the type of portable toilet that you have).

After this, you need to add water to the portable toilet. It’s recommended that you flush at least twice, for the deodorant to reach all the nooks and crannies of your portable toilet. After this, it’s “go” time!

Cleaning a portable camping toilet can be difficult though. However, what’s important is having the right tools. The following shortlist is a compilation of the things that you will need to give your portable toilet proper cleaning.

Firstly, you’ll need some biodegradable paper towels. We prefer biodegradable toilets because if you’re camping, hunting, or on a road trip, you want to make sure you’re being environmentally conscious. This is to make sure your “waste” will not harm the animals and such.

Plus, this is to clean the portable toilet itself in the process. Of course, if you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly alternative, you could always use an old rag or other environmentally friendly alternatives.

Next, you’ll need a portable-toilet-friendly cleaning product that is gentle enough to not damage your portable toilet. You want the product to be harsh enough to kill any germs, not the toilet. It’s possible to find cleaners like this in the same place you bought your portable toilet.

After you’ve cleaned the exterior, you can then drop a small amount of your chosen cleaning solution into the toilet. Please make sure you flush a few times before you use it. The idea is to have the solution mix around the toilet first.

Come Prepared (+Secret Tip) – Tip #3

The main thing that makes cleaning a portable camping toilet difficult is the lack of resources. It’s important to bring the right supplies with you. Wherever you bring your portable camping toilet, make sure to bring your cleaning tools as well.

HoneyBucket also has some great tips on how to keep your portable porcelain throne nice and clean. These range from the usual hire a cleaning service, to tips on what deodorizer to use!

Firstly, they say that, if you’re using a portable toilet, it’s important to pick a separate deodorizer that isn’t just the chemical default smell. Don’t get me wrong, the chemicals are supposed to smell good, however, with the amount of cleaning ingredients in them, it’s hard not to smell anything but disinfected bleach.

An excellent fragrance to pick would be something that’s either fruity or vanilla. These smells will not only mask the harsh chemical smell but will also create a comforting and relaxing atmosphere for your portable toilet. Using a portable toilet can be an uncomfortable experience so why not make it a bit better?

Another cheaper, natural alternative be to mix baking soda, lemon juice, and vinegar together. You’ll want to spread it around your portable toilet, in and outside of it. This works well for plumbing toilets as well.

Maintenance During Storage Time – Tip #3

Storing the portable toilet away for a while? It’s just as important to keep it clean then, as it is while it’s in use. To assure the upkeep of your portable toilet, it’s important to follow some of these guidelines.

Firstly, make sure to clean it before you put it away. This step is forgotten by many portable toilet owners. They usually end up with a portable toilet being thrown out. This can get costly. This headache can be prevented by simply giving it a cleaning before you put it away. This will prevent both nasty bacteria from building up in your toilet while saving you from buying a new unit.

Secondly, make sure that you completely reassemble the toilet before you put it away. This is important, as it helps ensure that you didn’t misplace any of the parts required for the reassembly of the toilet since some of those pieces can end up being pretty small.

Lastly, make sure that your portable camping toilet doesn’t have any left-over water in it. Having any leftover water can cause the water to freeze, which in turn, can damage the toilet. To prevent such a tragedy, make sure to dump any water that might be left from the initial storage cleaning. Ensure that all the materials are at least somewhat dry. While it’s not important for it to be bone-dry, it’s important for it not to have any water that can be frozen, locking things in place inside the toilet that shouldn’t be there.