How To Unclog An RV Toilet

How To Unclog An RV Toilet (4 Easy Steps)

If you are a camper and spend most of your time in an RV, chances are that you might face an issue with using the toilet. One thing that can become a hurdle for you during the trip is a clogged toilet that would make the experience unbearable for you. In such circumstances, it is necessary that you know how to unclog an RV toilet.

Here we have listed down a few steps for you on how to unclog RV toilet:

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Add hot boiling water

For campers who spend most of their time on an RV, one important trick to remember on how to unclog an RV toilet is to add hot boiling water. This trick is quite simple as there are literally no tools required for the purpose.

You just have to boil water and add it while it is hot in the toilet. The boiling water will push down whatever is blocking the drainage system and instantly unclog the RV toilet.

Use a flexible tank wand

Adding boiling water to the toilet should help in most cases. However, just in case plan A does not work out, you should resort to plan B which is using a flexible tank wand to unclog the RV toilet. Having a flexible tank wand comes quite handy for campers who do not want to deal with the hassle of making pit stops just because of a clogged toilet.

Use unclogging chemical solutions

Another thing that you can instantly use and remember for how to unclog the RV toilet is investing in chemicals and liquids that will unclog the toilet for you. You can just keep a bottle or two of the most reliable chemicals that will get the job done for you.

One thing that you should be cautious about, however, is that the chemical should be strong enough but, not too strong that it damages the drainage pipes of the RV toilet and becomes a bigger problem for you to deal with.

Use a drainage snake and auger

Some clogs are so stubborn that no matter how much hot water you pour or whatever chemicals you use, they just won’t unclog the RV toilet. In such tough circumstances, you have to resort to the old-school methods of how to unclog an RV toilet by making use of a drain snake and auger. You can either keep a manual auger or an electric one.

Get professional help

When all else fails, the last thing you can really do is get professional help. This one should be your last resort because usually, it is not so easy to get professional help while on the road or in the middle of somewhere. The above tricks will at least help you get to a place where you can get professional help if the situation gets worse.

So, which method are you going to try for how to unclog the RV toilet? Let us know in the comments below.

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