#1 Serenelife Portable Toilet Review You Must Read Before You Buy

The portable toilet is a product that relatively few people appreciate until it is needed. That may be one reason why the Serenelife portable toilet has garnered praise from its many purchasers. The issues regarding portable toilets range from being too heavy, too short, or too difficult to clean properly. This portable toilet from Serenelife promises to address all these issues and more.

But does it live up to the hype? For those who are looking for a portable toilet that is really portable, then you should consider the features, advantages, and disadvantages that come with portable toilets from Serenelife products. This will be a complete Serenelife portable toilet review with the pros and cons of the product.

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This product comes with many of the features that most people expect from a portable tank. This includes the general size, weight, and basic features needed to use outdoors. The specifications for this portable tank from Serenelife include the following.

  • Weight: 5.1 Kg
  • Dimensions: 43cm x 42cm x 37cm
  • Style: Piston Flush system
  • 2 Gallon Clean Water Tank
  • 3 Gallon Holding Tank
  • Color: Gray
  • Separate Holding Tank
  • Splash-Free Rotating Spout
  • Carrying Case Included

Some of the more interesting features found on this portable toilet by Serenelife include, but are not limited to the following.

3-Way Nozzle: When the toilet is flushed, the three-way nozzle is designed to push the waste from the bowl into the tank with more efficiency. The idea is that it should catch and remove waste material that might otherwise remain in a single nozzle design.

50+ Flushes: The 3.2 clean water tank allows for over 50 standard flushes. This means that the tank is large enough for one or two people on a weekend camping trip. Plus, refilling the water tank is simple and direct, making it easy when reaching a clean water source.

Optional Floor Fastener: Available separately, this is a floor fastener kit that allows you to secure the portable toilet to a solid surface. This includes the floor of a home, boat, or another similar surface. The advantage of the floor fastener is that it keeps the toilet from shifting around on a smooth floor. Or if on a boat or trailer that moves. Such a kit is not needed when the toilet is used on the ground. But for those who use it in boats, trucks, and the like it can be quite handy.

Size & Shape: Another feature that stands out is the overall shape and particularly the height of the portable tank. Most portable tank designs tend to sacrifice height to become more portable. This is especially true for storing such products in your vehicle or at home when not in use. Serenelife has managed to design a portable toilet that can be stored in most vehicles, boats, and storage areas fairly easily.

Standard Features

It should be noted that while portable toilets are made by different companies with different standards. For the most part, they have the same expectations when it comes to their customers. What follows is a list of features that you expect a portable outdoor toilet to have which Serenelife has included.

Odor-Free Tank: The locking system between the toilet and holding tank is strong and secure. This helps prevent unwanted odors from emerging from the portable toilet. This is a standard feature on most portable toilets and Serenelife does this well.

50+ Flushes: The 3.2 clean water tank allows for over 50 standard flushes. This means that the tank is large enough for one or two people on a weekend camping trip. Plus, refilling the water tank is simple and direct, making it easy when reaching a clean water source.

Handles Another common feature handle that helps to hold and transport the portable toilet when needed. While the portable toilet from Serenelife is a little taller than most standard versions, the handles and holding spaces are well-considered. This doesn’t make the portable toilet outstanding, but it does make it easy to maneuver when needed.

Materials: Another aspect is the strong, durable polyethylene materials used in the creation of this portable toilet. Strong, yet lightweight, the plastic holds up well to repeated use. Plus, it helps make the toilet even more portable despite the large holding tank.

As a basic portable toilet, this product from Serenelife certainly offers a relatively wide range of features for its use.


The marketing campaign declares this portable toilet from Serenelife to be number one for families that travel frequently, boaters, and campers. While such claims may not be important to some, it is true that this product offers several advantages.

Designed for Comfort: One big advantage is that this portable toilet is tall enough to sit most adults and children comfortably. One of the issues with many portable toilets is that they are too short. For taller adults, sitting on a short toilet can be a big issue. This product from Serenelife is tall enough to provide comfort while not compromising its portability. This helps make it one of the best on the market in terms of comfort.

Easy Portability: There are many portable toilets that are not so portable. The Serenelife portable toilet is an exception thanks to its carrying case. A feature that many similar products overlook, the carrying case makes it simple to carry the toilet where it is needed. The case itself is crafted from durable materials, yet it is lightweight and easy to tote around.

Large Toilet Tank: Arguably one of the better advantages is the large 5.3-gallon toilet tank. The primary benefit is that you empty the toilet less often. Plus, the 5.3 gallons combined with the overall weight of the tank is not that heavy. This means that most people will still be able to move it around when needed. Plus, there is a wastewater tank level indicator which lets you know when it should be emptied.

Simple Cleaning: The Serenelife outdoor portable toilet is easy to clean thanks to the 3-way nozzle. When you flush the toilet, the nozzle does an excellent job of moving the waste down to the holding tank. This means when it is time to clean the toilet, there is less to clean up. For those who do not look forward to cleaning a portable toilet, Serenelife is better than most of the rest.


Despite all the advantages, there are still a few issues with the portable toilet. You should be aware of them before deciding to purchase.

The difficulty for Large Adults: In other words, for tall or heavy people this toilet may be uncomfortable to use. The size of the seat combined with the taller sitting position makes it tricky to sit on correctly for such people. This is particularly true for adults who have a substantial girth. You may find that sitting on the toilet uncomfortable and awkward. While this is true for most portable toilets when it comes to large or tall people. The advertising for the Serenlife portable toilet may make it appear to be for everyone.

Emptying the Holding Tank. The design of the holding tank makes it difficult to fully empty. This means that when dumping the tank, you will need to do some extra work. This is because of the way the tank attaches to the rest of the toilet. To fully empty the tank, you will need to use a hose and spray the remaining contents out. While it only holds a small amount of wastewater, it is rather annoying to remove.

Shallow Bowl: Another issue is the shallowness of the toilet bowl. While this is generally not an issue with women. Some men may find it uncomfortable to sit and use the toilet due to their genitalia pressing against the bottom of the bowl. In such circumstances, it may be advisable to find an extra seat to add some distance. Otherwise, for such men using the toilet can be annoying.


Overall, the Serenlife outdoor portable toilet is a superior product. It is well-designed for most children and adults to use comfortably. But it is the portability that arguably makes it a portable toilet that will be appreciated. The strong, lightweight materials allow the toilet to be picked up and carried easily by most adults. Plus, the tall sitting position makes it easy for many to use.

This does not mean that it is perfect. For larger or taller adults, you may want to find another product. In addition, the difficulty in fully emptying the wastewater tank may be quite annoying. However, these are small nits in an otherwise excellent portable toilet. As one of the premiere Serenelife products, it certainly lives up to most of its hype.

The bottom line, the Serenelife portable toilet is well-designed, simple to clean, and provides what you need for such a product. It is well-suited for those who camp, fish, or spend time outdoors and need a portable toilet. From the customer reviews and overall praise that this product has received, it certainly lives up to the hype.

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