Stansport Portable Toilet

Is The Stansport Portable Toilet Underrated?

Since 1949, Stansport, as a company, has been making products for anyone who enjoys spending time in the great outdoors. The Stansport portable toilet is just one of the fine products this company has to offer. This portable toilet is easy to bring along when traveling long distances or camping for a weekend. If you are considering purchasing the Stansport Easy-Go Portable Toilet then continue reading this article.

We decide to write about this toilet because we honestly believe it’s an underrated gem. We’re going to share the pros and the cons of this toilet and have you decide if it’s underrated or not.

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Stansport Easy-Go Portable Toilet Overview

The majority of people who actually purchased and used the Stansport Easy Go Camp Toilet really found that this toilet met their needs. If you look at the reviews of this great toilet, customers were eager to share their opinions. This toilet is a heavy-duty plastic powerful house that focuses on usability and cleanliness.

If you want to bring the comfort of home with you while camping, living off-grid, or trucking then you have to get yourself a Stansport Easy-Go Portable Toilet. Like I’ve mentioned before, this product features a full-size seat, convenient built-in handles, and sturdy wall construction. It’s small enough to fit in most vehicles and small spaces. If you can afford it, paired with a good privacy shelter you will have the complete package to go camping.


  • Very Sturdy and Comfortable – Users find that the extra thick plastic walls of this portable toilet make it incredibly sturdy. This will relieve any worries of a cheap toilet that will collapse on you. This portable toilet was built to last for years.
  • Weighted Base – The weighted base on this portable toilet is another reason why users really like this toilet. The weight at the bottom keeps it from tipping over easily. This is a real relief for people who use this toilet on their boats or in moving vehicles. No matter the situation, it will stay stabilized.
  • Doesn’t Take Up Too Much Room – People who have small campers or tents like the fact that this toilet doesn’t take up a lot of space. With the lid down, it doesn’t even look like a toilet. In fact, some people use it for a seat.
  • Storage Area – Users like the storage area located at the back and the bottom of the porta-potty where they can keep fresh bags or toilet paper.
  • Easy to Clean – Many users find that the Stansport toilet is easier to clean than most portable toilets. You simply remove the bag and rinse out the insert. If you want to disinfect the toilet use a little Lysol or wipe down the toilet with a disinfectant wipe.


  • The toilet sits lower to the ground than most people like, which could make it difficult for people with knee joint problems.
  • The round insert bowl is difficult to remove
  • Many people find the insert bowl that holds the waste too small for their needs. This can be fixed by taking out the insert and using a 5-gallon bag instead.


There is little doubt that a lot of thought went into the Stansport Camp Toilet. This toilet is as budget-friendly and affordable as it gets. This toilet is a well-made convenience machine. The fact that the vast majority of users really like this portable toilet and find that it is durable enough to last for many years says something.  However, this toilet may not be for everyone. That’s why it’s important to read all available reviews to decide if this toilet is right for you.

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The History

Throughout history, there has always been some type of portable toilet. Portable toilets have been used from the beginning of time. Either for individuals or families. Long before indoor plumbing was a thing for most homes we had “chamber pots.” Chamber pots were small metal buckets with handles that allowed people to relieve themselves indoors. This was due to safety reasons hence staying inside during dark nights. Like portable toilets, chamber pots were emptied and rinsed mainly in the mornings.

Before portable toilets became popular, people took buckets along with them for their portable toilets. Even to this day, some of these devices are still buckets. Now, lightweight plastic buckets have replaced metal buckets. And professionally made portable toilets have replaced normal plastic buckets. Today there is a wide variety of portable toilets for individuals and families to use.

As you may know, some portable toilets aren’t all the same. Some use biodegradable bags and others don’t. Toilets that use biodegradable bags hold waste and usually are a lot cleaner.

The Stansport Portable Toilet is a modern and sanitary portable toilet that looks and feels like your home toilet. It uses disposable bags for waste so it’s a cleaner experience. One thing about this toilet is you don’t have to dump it like a regular portable toilet. Instead, Stansport has taken the idea of the simple bag and seat toilet and modernized it so it is extremely comfortable. It’s convenient to use and easy to maintain not for today or tomorrow, but for years to come.

Why Do People Use Portable Toilets?

Not everyone needs or wants a portable toilet, but when the need arises these types of toilets can come in handy. People use portable toilets when camping, trucking, or boating. This is to be self-reliant on having the essential faculties available in case of emergency. Obviously, if you’re in the middle of the ocean, you’re not going to have facilities available to you. Or, if you’re in the middle of nowhere, you don’t want to be walking around looking for a washroom in the middle of the night.

Like I’ve mentioned before, portable toilets are used for emergencies. For example, situations such as after a hurricane or natural disaster. Boat owners who like to spend long hours out on the water also choose to use a portable toilet to meet their needs. In addition, several long-haul truck drivers also have portable toilets in their trucks.

In essence, people who use portable toilets use them to create the same comfort and convenience as a home toilet. Anywhere, anytime and for whatever reasons they don’t have access to an indoor toilet.

Features of the Stansport Portable Camp Toilet

While the Stansport Portable Camp Toilet was designed for campers in mind, it can be used for many other activities. The features of the Stansport Easy Go Portable Camp Toilet make it ideal for a wide range of people. Here are some notable features of this great toilet.

For starters, the Stansport Easy Go Camp Toilet has sturdy plastic walls that are built tough. These walls are tough enough to hold users up to 350 pounds. So, if you’re a bit of a heavier person, you won’t have to worry about this portable toilet holding up. Plus, the toilet seat on this bad boy is full-sized. You’re not going to have to worry about a narrow seat that’s uncomfortable. I’ve had a few experiences where I fell off a narrow portable toilet seat, and it’s not good. If anything, it will be like using your home toilet.

Inside the toilet, there’s a removable insert bowl that holds up to a gallon of liquid. This insert takes Stansport disposable toilet bags. Many people remove the insert bowl and use larger bags to hold waste. Luckily, while the Stansport toilet comes with 1 disposable bag, these bags are really only large enough for a single user. I highly recommend you purchase more bags before using the Stansport Easy Go Camp Toilet.

The toilet has built-in handles to make it easier to carry. It also stands at 14.25 inches high, making it about 3 inches shorter than your standard toilet at home. There’s also a small section at the bottom and back of the toilet with a little door. These sections were designed to store extra bags for this toilet but it’s really up to you what you want to store in these insertions.

How To Use The Stansport Easy Go Portable Toilet

Firstly, it’s not going to be difficult to use this toilet but there are some things to keep in mind. Using the Stansport Easy Go Camp Toilet is simple. Simply set the toilet up in the area you plan to use it at. Lift up the lid and the seat of the toilet. Next, you want to remove the insert bowl and place a bag inside. There are clips to hold the bag in place so make sure to clip the bags. You really don’t want to make a mess here. Once the bag is attached inside the bowl, replace the bowl and the toilet is ready to use.

Always remember, when you’re done using the Stansport Portable Camp Toilet always monitor the amount of waste in the bag. You do not want to deal with it when it’s almost full. Remove the bag when it’s near capacity and dispose of it at a waste station.

There’s also another alternative to using the bowl. Some people remove the insert bowl and use a 5-gallon bag and put some kitty litter at the bottom of the toilet. If you like to have a better experience, I’d suggest you do this. I’d rather smell kitty litter than a mixture of “number one” and “number two”. It’s just my preference. This is also something to consider if you’re planning to use this as a family. If you’re with a family, you definitely want to use a bigger bag than their signature solo bags that come with the unit.

From experience, instead of buying expensive toilet bags, you can definitely use regular trash bags which I don’t suggest for environmental reasons. You can check out some really good biodegradable bags for camping toilets by clicking here.


The Stansport portable toilet is a well-made portable toilet that can be used comfortably in a variety of situations. In my opinion, it’s an underrated portable toilet that’s overlooked. While it seems to meet the needs of most people it’s somewhat close to the ground. It may not be suitable for everyone like people with knee joint problems. For most people, I’d highly recommend they give the Stansport toilet a second look. From my experience and the reviews, it should work well and is definitely worth the price.

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