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The Sun Mar Compost Sure Green Review Your Friend Told You About

Introduction to the Sun Mar Compost Sure Green

The environment plays a fundamental role in the average person’s decision-making. That’s the primary reason why composting toilets have increased in popularity over the years. It’s a way to do what you have to do while not wasting away water as the average toilet does. Regardless, with a composting toilet comes the needed maintenance, such as finding suitable compost. Hence, this article will review the Sun Mar Compost Sure Green.

Sun-Mar has garnished a large following over the years, thanks to its many high-quality composting toilets. As great as those toilets are, you need to care for them over the years. Otherwise, you’ll run into many issues that hinder your toilet’s longevity and functionality.

With this in mind, our review will highlight the significant bits of compost. We’ll discuss what it is, does, and how it operates. It’ll go over the vital aspects of the product without dragging on too long or wasting any time. We’ll also discuss Sun-Mar as a company to give you a better picture of what to expect.

Lastly, we’ll discuss the pros, cons, and verdict related to the product. In the end, we’ll highlight a few other points related to the subject. By then, you’ll know more about the compost and if it’s a suitable option. Please comment if you have anything more to add or ask about the subject. There’s a lot related in this area, so don’t hesitate!

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Sun-Mar Background Information

As great as it is to jump ahead to the review, it’s equally beneficial to highlight the company behind the product. In this review’s case, we have Sun-Mar. This reputable company claims to be the world leader in composting technology. Though the claim may seem much, it checks out considering how large the company is.

As significant as the company is, none of that matters if its products aren’t high-quality. As far as we know, most Sun-Mar products are highly reviewed and do well. Whether you’re talking about their toilets or garden composters, all of its products are worth looking into. So, how does this compost hold up? Let’s see!

Sun-mar Compost Sure Green Review

The Sun Mar Compost Sure Green is everything you could want in compost for a composting toilet. First and foremost, the peat moss and hemp mixture is created explicitly for composting toilets. It’s not meant for anything else but that function. That way, you won’t have to worry about other areas in the subject.

Size-wise, the mixture is a little over eight pounds, making it easy for anyone to move around. You won’t have to stress over a massive bag and trying to carry it around. The product is 100 percent natural, making it perfect for those worried about their health and potentially harmful chemicals.

As for its functionality, the compost does an excellent job of holding moisture. It maintains the moisture content within the compost, allowing you to go about your business as you would. Still, remember to follow the instructions in case there’s anything you need to do with the compost.

Lastly, remember to use the compost with Sun-Mar toilet systems. Though it may work with other composting toilets, it’s designed for Sun-Mar toilets. Take that however you want, and also keep in mind its scent. The scent varies but can be intense at times. If you’re sensitive about smells, you may want someone else to deal with it.


  • It works excellent for Sun Mar composting toilets.
  • It’s usually shipped quickly without issue.
  • The product is made with hemp, giving it an advantage over homemade bulking material.
  • It decomposes very well.
  • The entire packaging is straightforward to understand.


  • The price is steep, especially compared to other compost.
  • Its smell is intense at times.


We appreciate you checking out our review of the Sun-Mar Compost Sure Green. Though the price is steep and the scent could take some time to get used to, it’s worth the money. It works beautifully for Sun Mar composting toilets, is shipped quickly, made with hemp, and decomposes very well.

Regardless, look through the review again to ensure it’s the suitable compost for you. It’s a practical option, especially if you have the proper compost toilet. As a good rule, ensure your toilet is suitable for the compost. If you don’t, you may run into some other issues tied to the matter.

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What’s a Composting Toilet?

Treating composting toilets works somewhat uniquely in contrast to a standard toilet. The latrine gives an alternate approach to discarding waste while limiting water use. It blends squander in with wood, poss, or coconut coir, venting air development out, wiping out smell through the anaerobic cycle.

Many leave the fertilizer in their restroom for quite a while, mainly since most composting toilets can hold it for so long. In any case, adhering to the guidelines defined for the composting soil specific to each toilet is ideal. Each brand of toilet differs in what you want to do.

Are Composting Toilets Hard to Maintain?

Though it may seem complicated, composting toilets aren’t too challenging to maintain. Maintaining composting toilets is staggeringly simple to keep up with and doesn’t need a lot of consideration as long as they’re set up accurately and kept in the right circumstances. Basically, follow the instructions correctly, and you won’t run into any issues.

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We hope you enjoyed our review of this compost from Sun Mar. Though the price may seem steep and the smell is intense, it’s definitely a high-quality compost to consider. It works great for any composting toilet and is from a reputable company specializing in what they’re selling.

Regardless, leave a comment if you have anything to ask about the Sun Mar Compost Sure Green review, compost, composting toilets, or anything else. There’s a lot to cover on this topic, so you might as well take the time to review everything. A subject like this is essential in the long run when discussing what’s suitable for your compost toilet.