Coleman Portable Flush Toilet Review

The Complete Coleman Portable Flush Toilet Review

Introduction to the Coleman Portable Flush Toilet

Traveling and being on the move are two aspects of life that go hand-in-hand with one another. There isn’t a better feeling than heading out on the road, camping, or getting away. Still, the moving and exploring lifestyle has many worries, including the bathroom. Hence why so many travelers and campers are interested in portable toilets. With this in mind, below will highlight our Coleman portable flush toilet review.

The review will take a close look at the toilet and mention some of its key features. We’ll discuss the company behind the product, its comfort, value for money, ease of use, and more. Rather than conclude there, we’ll discuss its pros, cons and give our overall verdict on the toilet.

From the end of our review, we’ll go over various questions related to the subject. We’ll discuss if portable toilets are easy to use, are heavy, need to be emptied, and more. By the end of it, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect with a portable toilet.

Considering how vast a subject like portable toilets are, it’s worth knowing what to expect with a product like this. Whether you require a portable toilet for your RV, camping trip, hunting experience, or worksite, you’ll get a good sense of what to expect with this toilet.

Nevertheless, let’s get started!

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Coleman Portable Flush Toilet
  • Regular: 10.6-liter waste tank; Large: 18-liter waste tank
  • One-hand flush
  • Leak free seats
  • Contoured, elongated seat
  • Hose connector for cleaning

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Product Description

The portable flush Coleman camping toilet will make your outdoor trip complete because of the convenience and sanitation that it offers while away from home. It is best to bring especially for car camping or RV adventure with friends and family. With the Coleman flush toilet featuring an impressive capacity of 10.6-liter or 18-liter tank, you’ll be able to rest assured those “inconvenient calls-to-nature” will not be inconvenient at all wherever you are, whether on the road, in the mountains, forest or wilderness. With its one-hand flush feature, leak-free design, and contoured and elongated seat, the flushable Coleman camping toilet will leave you feeling that you have not left home at all (when it matters). The comfort of your home toilet is present with this portable flush toilet from Coleman, a known manufacturer of quality toilet needs and affordability.

Coleman Camping Toilet Cleaning

Cleaning is hassle-free with a hose connector that is ready in times of disposal and maintenance. The compact and sanitary features makes you feel at ease when using the toilet. The product comes with a built in chemical bottle storage to address the sanitation and odor-prevention requirements. This is a one-piece, convenient, compact, self-contained and reliable toilet made of quality polyethylene that already has secure clamps and latches that makes this portable flush toilet leak-free and sanitary. Although you are outdoors, you are assured of the convenience of home with this Coleman camping toilet. Further, Coleman also designed-in “simple portability” by way of a built-in carrying handle that you can rely on for those sudden decisions to change location while camping.

Having a portable Coleman flush toilet is the best decision that you can make for your camping needs, RVs, boats, cabins, off-road adventure, or even jobsite requirements. With a more than reasonable price, you are sure to enjoy the benefits and comfort of having your home toilet with you, without breaking the bank.

Coleman Background Information

Many Coleman extensive portable flush toilet reviews forget to mention the company behind the product. It’s worthwhile to know how the company is behind the product you’re interested in, not just the product itself. Regardless, Coleman is one of the most notable companies in the world.

The company began in 1900 after W.C. Coleman invented a gas-powered lantern. From 1900 on, the company is everywhere you are.

Whether you’re on a trail, lake, tailgate, or a music festival, Coleman products are all around you. The company prides itself on offering affordable yet high-quality products to its customers.

Going with a popular company like Coleman has many advantages, primarily since it has an extensive customer support team in case something goes wrong.

Still, just because the company is popular doesn’t mean everything about the company is worth checking out. So, how does the portable toilet hold up? Let’s see!

Coleman Portable Flush Toilet
Coleman Portable Flush Toilet

Product Description

The non-flush Coleman portable toilet will be your best companion when deciding to go for an outdoor adventure such as camping, mountain climbing, hiking, trekking, boating or even hunting. With a bucket that weighs just 5.8 pounds and a lightweight plastic body, bringing this portable bucket toilet anywhere will never be a problem.

The comfort of having a contoured seat with its own lid will make you feel like you are not away from home at all. Although this Coleman portable camping toilet does not have a flush facility similar to what you have at home, disposal is easy with its removable inner bucket, particularly when lined with any of the popular sanitary and convenient camping toilet bags.

With the Coleman portable toilet, you will have the sanitary convenience that is not available in many camp sites. The lid has its own convenient storage for a roll of toilet paper ready for use and replacement as needed.

The high quality plastic material allows for years of use and with the reasonable price of the non-flush Coleman portable camping toilet, you will be surprised to know that it is affordable for everyone’s pocket. This is what makes it preferred by most campers aside from the convenience that it offers to answer a basic Mother Nature requirement.

A self-contained bucket toilet, the compact Coleman portable toilet has its own bag lining for easy disposal and sanitary convenience. With it, you are assured to have a worry-free outdoor adventure or emergency disaster handling situation.


The Coleman portable flush camping toilet is an affordable yet cost-effective toilet option for campers, hunters, and people traveling in an RV. Considering Coleman is as reputable of a company as they are, it’s easy to expect their portable toilet to be solid.

Even when complete, the toilet is relatively light. When not full, the toilet is 13.45 lbs and is shockingly durable for being made out of synthetic material. The product measures 19.9 x 18 x 16.3 inches, making it a perfect-sized portable toilet that feels close enough to the real thing.

Comfort-wise, the toilet is outstanding. Most people have an issue with portable toilets since they feel so alien-like compared to a standard toilet. The Coleman toilet does an excellent job at feeling like an actual toilet. Though it’s not perfect, you’ll be surprised how great it is in this regard.

The toilet sits higher than most camping toilets which is most likely why it’s so good in that respect.

The flushing mechanism is potent, ensuring whatever you need to flush will go away. The holding tanks are also large, allowing you to use them on a camping trip without worrying about overflowing.

The entire unit is accessible to empty and clean—a benefit since so many portable toilets are incredibly messy. Negatively speaking, the toilet is more complicated than other portable toilets to set up. Still, after a few tries, you should get into a rhythm with it moving forward.

Aside from that, I wish the clean water fill opening was a bit larger. I recommend getting a funnel to ensure you don’t spill when filling for use. Regardless, Coleman has plenty of add-ons and tutorials about the toilet that’s worth checking out.


  • An affordable and cost-effective toilet that will fit a wide range of budgets.
  • Coleman is a highly reputable and reliable company.
  • The toilet is exceptionally light, even when complete.
  • The entire unit feels close to a standard toilet, one of the comfiest portable toilets on the market.
  • It’s very easy to empty and clean.
  • The flushing mechanism is potent.


  • It can be a pain to set up the toilet.
  • The clean water fill opening is small.


Though the clean water fill is small, and the toilet is a pain to set up, we hope we covered more than enough positives in our Coleman portable flush toilet review.

The toilet is worth checking out since the price is low, especially if you’re a camper or hunter in need of a decent portable toilet.

Rather than conclude, below will highlight plenty of other information about portable toilets worth mentioning.

Be sure to read on if you hope to learn more about the subject. Considering how vast the realm of portable toilets is, there is a lot to cover. Nevertheless, let’s take a look!

Coleman Portable Flush Toilet
  • Regular: 10.6-liter waste tank; Large: 18-liter waste tank
  • One-hand flush
  • Leak free seats
  • Contoured, elongated seat
  • Hose connector for cleaning

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Are Portable Toilets Easy to Use?

A portable toilet tends to be easy, as long as you take the time to read the instructions. Portable toilets are more complicated than a standard toilet as far as using it is concerned. Standard toilets are only complicated when installing the unit.

Regardless, a portable toilet works like a standard toilet with how you would use it but varies with how you dispose of the waste. Instead of having a tank to flush away the waste, a portable toilet typically has a pedal that shoots the waste into a removable section.

The removable section varies from toilet to toilet, with some carrying more than others. Once the waste is ready to be disposed of, you can place it into a trash bag and dump it into a waste dumping site.

Do Portable Toilets Break?

Nothing in this world is immortal. It’d be foolish to think a portable toilet would last forever. So yes, a portable toilet does break.

How long that toilet lasts depend on the toilet and how you take care of it. Even if you have an expensive portable toilet, it might not last long if you don’t properly care for it.

Generally speaking, a higher quality portable toilet should last you several years as long as you keep up with its maintenance. If you don’t care for it, okay, expect it not to last you longer than a year.

Some cheaper portable toilets are only meant for a few months. Still, expect that whatever you invest in the toilet is what you return. The Coleman is an affordable, high-quality portable toilet that should last you a few years.

Coleman Portable Flush Toilet
Coleman Portable Flush Toilet

Are Portable Toilets Heavy?

Like anything else, portable toilets vary significantly with their weight. Generally speaking, portable toilets tend to be lighter than a standard toilet since they need to be portable (hence the name).

As noted, the Coleman portable toilet weighs 13.45 lbs despite its durable material. It’s significantly heavier when complete, but that is relatively light compared to a standard toilet.

To put it into perspective, a standard toilet typically weighs around 88 lbs. Having a toilet unit weigh significantly more minor but still be high quality; what more could you want from the matter?

How Often Do Portable Toilets Need to be Emptied?

As far as emptying your portable toilet is concerned, it depends on how many people use the toilet. If you’re alone during your travels, you won’t have to worry about emptying it outside once a week or so.

If many people use it, expect to empty it much more. On the other hand, remember the toilet needs to be emptied every time you move it.

Do Portable Toilets Smell?

It’s impossible to find a toilet that doesn’t smell. You deserve a reward if you can find a toilet that doesn’t smell. However, a portable toilet doesn’t smell as bad as expected.

The units typically have an anti-odor mechanism that keeps them from smelling too awful. Just make sure you clean it as you’re supposed to and have some air fresheners ready to go.

Coleman Portable Flush Toilet
  • Regular: 10.6-liter waste tank; Large: 18-liter waste tank
  • One-hand flush
  • Leak free seats
  • Contoured, elongated seat
  • Hose connector for cleaning

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Hopefully, our Coleman portable flush toilet review gave you more than enough information to decide if the toilet is worth your money or not. Though the toilet can be a pain to set up and use, it’s excellent once you have it up and running.

Considering how much of a game-changer portable toilets are for travelers; you won’t be disappointed in the slightest. Just remember to take care of the toilet so it can last you a great deal of time.

Nevertheless, if you have any questions about our review, the toilet, or anything related to the subject, be sure to leave them in the comment section. Also, check out some of our other portable toilet reviews. We look forward to hearing from you!