Separett Villa 9215 Review

The Real Separett Villa 9215 Review

Living off the grid is one of the most rewarding and exhilarating experiences a person can pursue. Still, the biggest issue with living off the grid isn’t necessarily being disconnected from society. The primary concern is using the bathroom, causing many to look into off-grid toilets such as the Separett Villa 9215.

A composting off-grid toilet is a great way to ensure the solace and peace you require in this setting. You indeed can’t be totally off the grid when the simple necessity of using the bathroom has such a deepened connection to it. Thankfully, composting toilets are the way of the future, allowing individuals, friends, and families to pursue their genuine pursuit in this area.

With this subject in mind, below will look at our review of the 9215 unit from Separett. We’ll discuss some critical features such as its value for money, build quality, ease of use, and more. By the end of it, you’ll have a reasonably good idea if the toilet is worth your time or not.

Rather than conclude there, we’ll quickly recap our pros, cons, and overall verdict for the product. From there, we’ll highlight specific information tied to the subject, such as what an off-grid toilet is, how they work and more. Be sure to utilize this information to learn as much about this product and related subjects. Let’s take a look!

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Separett Villa 9215 AC/DC 12V Urine Diverting High Capacity Waterless Composting Toilet
288 Reviews

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Separett Background Information

Rather than begin with our Separett Villa 9215 ac dc review, let’s quickly discuss some critical background information of the company. For more than 40 years, Swedish company Separett has created waterless toilets fully intent on expanding individual satisfaction.

The company prides itself on an ordinary day-to-day existence, being more straightforward and agreeable for all. Separett was established in 1976, and their products are utilized worldwide with a branch in Finland and an auxiliary in the United States.

Their products make it possible to save water rather than consume water, flushing away your waste. The company has contributed off-grid and composting toilets across the globe. They are currently establishing projects in China and South America, with plans to expand in the future.

Going with a reputable company like Separett is a massive benefit to the individual. As great as it is to support smaller companies, there is a comprehensive database available to showcase if Separett is worth your time or not. Still, not every reputable company fulfills its promises. So, how does the 9215 unit hold up? Let’s take a look!

Separett Villa 9215 Review

Most Separett Villa 9215 reviews mention how easy the toilet is to empty compared to other off-grid toilets. In that case, this toilet is superior for that reason alone. As great as it is to have an off-grid or composting toilet, it can be highly annoying and a hassle to empty.

Separett makes it, so liquids are drained into the greywater system. The toilet links in the middle of the casing to enter the central part for emptying the solid waste holding area. Then, when you’re ready to empty, you can easily detach the containers and dump them out accordingly.

Besides the unit is easy to empty, it shockingly has no odor. Many note how composting toilets have an almost Earthy smell, but this unit is essentially odorless. Considering how annoying smells can be in an off-grid setting, this is great. It makes it the perfect option for places that don’t have sewer lines or septic fields.

I noticed that it filled up with toilet paper reasonably quickly, but this wasn’t the end of the world. Considering how easy it is to empty, this wasn’t a big deal. The set-up time can vary depending on where you need to install it, but Separett has enough customer support and FAQs available to help.

Investing $1000 may seem like a lot for the Separett Villa 9215. Still, it’s a reasonable price for the quality. The only real issue with its build quality is how bulky it is. As long as you take the time necessary to set it up correctly, you’ll be fine. Just make sure you don’t rush the process along.

Some people have noted issues with the fan breaking after just a month of use. If this is the case with you, Separett does an excellent job addressing these issues, especially since they’re not all that common. This toilet is an excellent purchase for what it does and offers in the grand scheme of things.


  • It’s incredibly comfortable for being an off-grid toilet.
  • The entire unit has almost no odor to it.
  • It’s straightforward to empty when needed.
  • Separett is a reliable and reputable company.
  • The entire unit is built very well and will last you a long time if properly managed.


  • The toilet fills up with toilet paper fast.
  • It’s expensive.
  • Some people have issues with the fan, but this isn’t very common.


As annoying as it can be to highlight the few cons with the 1 villa 9215 ac dc by Separett, the pros certainly outweigh the negatives. It’s exceptionally comfortable and will fulfill the need for a solid toilet for settings with a sewer system or septic tank. The entire unit also has no odor to it, which isn’t very common with off-grid toilets.

I also loved how easy the toilet was to empty, especially since the most significant negative of composting toilets is how challenging they are to empty. Separett also appears to be a great company, and the entire toilet is built very well. As long as you take care of it, it’ll last you a long time.

Nevertheless, rather than end here, let’s discuss a wide range of other information related to the toilet. As mentioned, let’s discuss what an off-grid toilet is, what kind of toilet is used off the grid, how these toilets work, and more. Be sure to read on if you hope to read more about this subject. Let’s take a look!

Separett Villa 9215 AC/DC 12V Urine Diverting High Capacity Waterless Composting Toilet
288 Reviews

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What is an Off-Grid Toilet?

The Separett USA Villa 9215 toilet is regarded as an off-grid toilet. For those who don’t know, an off-grid toilet is a toilet that is connected to the grid. The grid refers to a network of cables or pipes for distributing power. Many people live off-grid, either entirely or in specific settings, to live a more private life.

When a setting is off-grid in a bathroom setting, that means the setting doesn’t have access to a sewer system or septic tank. For that reason, people look for off-grid toilets to fulfill their bathroom needs. Off-grid toilets can vary greatly, with the unit above being classified as a composting toilet.

What Kind of Toilet Can You Use Off the Grid?

An off-the-grid toilet refers to a toilet that is off the grid (hence the name). These toilets aren’t connected to any more extensive system such as the sewer system or septic tank. Besides composting toilets, many people choose to create off-grid outhouses, a propane or electric incinerator toilet, or the old-fashioned bucket toilet.

Each of these toilets varies with how they’re put together, with some being much better than others. Factors that determine which route someone goes essentially have to do with their setting requirement and budget. Making a suitable off-grid toilet can be expensive, which is worth mentioning.

  • Off-Grid Outhouses
  • Propane or Electric Incinerator Toilet
  • Composting Toilet
  • A Bucket Toilet
  • A Portable Toilet

How Do Composting Toilets Work?

Composting toilets come in two main designs. The most common way is the self-contain design, where the unit holds the entire system, typically beneath the bowl. These composting toilets are standard in tiny homes, boats, RVs, and cabins. The waste also has to be emptied by hand.

The other kind of toilet is a central or remote composting toilet. Rather than empty right from the unit, the waste is directed to a remote composter somewhere else. Both operate by utilizing a biological process called composting. It’s a natural way to save energy yet still use the bathroom comfortably.

Do You Need to Have a Septic Tank When You Have a Composting Toilet?

Although some composting toilets require a small composter, none of them require a septic tank. The entire process is a healthy way to eliminate human waste without needing a septic tank. It also prevents issues that are commonly found in septic tanks, such as water contamination.

Separett Villa 9215 AC/DC 12V Urine Diverting High Capacity Waterless Composting Toilet
288 Reviews

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We hope you enjoyed our in-depth look at the Separett Villa 9215 and other information related to the subject. Although the unit isn’t the easiest to put together compared to other off-grid toilets, and the fan can give some issues, it’s still worth checking out.

From a product perspective, the toilet does everything it’s supposed to do as advertised. It’s practical, durable, and has a comfort level similar to a standard toilet. As long as you follow its instructions correctly, you’ll be golden moving forward. Nevertheless, be sure to check out some of our other reviews on off-grid toilets, portable toilets, composting toilets, and more!