Thetford 92360 Porta Potti 550e Curve Portable Toilet

Thetford 92360 Porta Potti 550e Curve Portable Toilet Review

The Thetford 92360 Porta Potti 550e Curve Portable Toilet review may not seem like a great invention, but for those who spend time in areas that lack modern convenience, it can provide them with a sense of comfort and even luxury.

Spending time in the great outdoors and communing with nature has been a part of the American way of life since settlers first crossed the frontier in their covered wagons. Today spending time outdoors doesn’t mean giving up all modern conveniences. Whether camping in a large 5th wheeler, the back of your capped pick-up or a tent having a convenient toilet to use makes camping more convenient and comfortable for most people. Thetford the manufacture of Thetford 92360 has a long history of making high-quality products for RVs and those who spend time in rustic cabins, tents, and the great out of doors.

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A Look at Thetford’s History

The Thetford Corporation began in California in 1959 under the name Norcold now headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan the Thetford Corporation is a well-known manufacturer of mobile sanitation products this company has managed to produce a lot of firsts that make living a mobile lifestyle more convenient and comfortable. Here is a look at some of those firsts.

In 1963 Thetford invented the first slide-action valve for RV holding tanks and a year later they came up with both the sliding blade RV permanent toilet and the first low profile RV toilet. This was the start of a 5-year run where Thetford presented new innovative products to the RV community.

In 1965 they devised the first garden hose cap for valves and just a year later they came up with a number of new RV innovations such as lower water use RV toilet, the water saver toilet, the water fill option toilet, and the low vacuum breaker toilet.

In 1967 the company changed its focus from the toilets themselves to accessories to go with their RV toilets by coming up with the first specifically made RV toilet tissue and a concentrate holding tank deodorant called Aqua-Kem.

In 1968 much to the delight of tent campers Thetford came out with the first 2 pieces, hand-carry porta potty.

After a year without any new innovations, Thetford again began manufacturing new products fairly rapidly. In 1970 Thetford came out with the first all-plastic RV permanent toilet called the Aqua Magic V, followed in 1971 by a polyethylene holding tank.

In 1972 the company came up with an Aqua Bowl designed specifically for RVs. In 1975 the company came up with the first water seal RV toilet called the Aqua Magic III and just two years later in 1977 they came up with the first electric flush toilet followed by the non-splash holding tank in 1979.

In 1984 Thetford came out with the first, pour-out spouts for toilets, the first level gauge, and the first tissue digester for RV holding tanks. In 1985 the company came up with the first fill assist tube for portable toilets. In 1986 Thetford

In 1990 Thetford came up with a battery-powered portable toilet. In 1994 the company introduced a level gauge cleaner.

Thetford then changed from its innovations for portable toilets to coming out with a 12 cubic foot 4 door refrigerator they named the Ultra Line 2000 in 1996. In the year 2000 Thetford came up with the first walkway flush toilet. In 2003 the company introduced hand care products made for RVs and a soap Sani-Station. In 2004 the company came up with a chilled water dispenser followed by the 17 cubic foot RV refrigerator called the Polar Max KF in 2006.

Today Thetford continues to be a leader in innovative products for people who enjoy a mobile lifestyle either full-time or part-time. This company has earned a fine reputation for being a leader in the mobile sanitation space and plans to continue to do so.

Today Thetford products are sold both in the United and in Europe with these products continuing to be popular after more than 60 years.

Thetford 92360 Porta Potti 550e Review

The Thetford 92360 Porta Potti 550e Curve Portable Toilet is one of the most comfortable toilets in the Thetford line-up. There is a lot about this porta-potty to like. This porta potty stands 17 5/8 inches tall and is 15 ¼ inches wide, which makes this toilet the same height as the toilet you have in your house. This toilet has a large convenient bowl size and battery-powered flusher that is hidden away until you need it.

This Porta Potti separates into 2 parts so that it is extremely easy to clean, while the pivoting pour-out spout makes emptying the potty simple and easy. The carry handle is sturdy and convenient and makes carrying the Porta Potti even when filled with clean water safe and easy.

This porta potty has a tank level indicator that lets you know how full the freshwater tank is so you will know when it is time to refill the tank. You get about 56 flushes from each tank. The tank is sanitary, leak-proof, and odor-proof.

There is also an integrated toilet tissue holder that fits into a compartment when the porta-potty is not in use.

If you are looking for a portable toilet for your RV or that can be transported in your car or truck and used in your tent then this porta potty may be worth considering.

Features of the Thetford 92360 Porta Potti 550e Curve Portable Toilet

The Thetford 92360 porta potti has a number of features that are sure to come in handy any time you need a portable toilet. These features include:

  • A 4-gallon freshwater tank, which is enough water for about 56 flushes before you need to add more freshwater.
  • 5-gallon waste capacity
  • The seat is the same height as your home toilet making this porta-potty more comfortable to use than most porta-potties on today’s markets
  • Easy to clean. Since this porta Potti divides into 2 sections cleaning this porta potty is much easier than those bulkier one-piece portable toilets.
  • Sturdy carry handle. This makes it easy for you to just pick up the portable toilet and go.
  • Integrated toilet paper holder. This allows you to keep your toilet tissue close at hand and since the toilet tissue holder is actually the door to the compartment that holds the toilet tissue it keeps the tissue contained and clean when the porta-potty is not in use.
  • The tank level indicator lets you know your exact freshwater level so there is no more guesswork when it comes to knowing when it is time to refill the tank.
  • Odorless and leak-proof tank
  • The rotating pour-out spout makes it easy to empty out the liquid portion of the waste tank without worrying about spilling or making a mess.
  • Hold down kit secures the Kit to the floor.


  • Users like that everything you need to use this portable toilet comes in the box.
  • Users like that this porta potty is the size of a standard toilet making it comfortable for even taller people to use.
  • The battery-operated flush brings clear water into the bowl to rinse out all the waste from the bowl into the odor-free tank.
  • Easy to empty thanks to the rotating pour-out spout.
  • This porta potty is lightweight when empty, but when holding clean water is sturdy
  • The hold down kit keeps this porta potty from slipping around
  • Most users find this portable toilet to be well made and durable


  • Some users did experience leaks in the leak-proof tank.
  • Several users found that after a few uses the battery-operated flush failed and there is no manual backup. To replace the pump costs almost as much as purchasing an entirely new toilet.
  • The lid is a bit flimsy

The Verdict

The Thetford 92360 Porta Potti 550e Curve Portable Toilet is an attractive-looking porta potty as far as portable toilets go. It is designed to be durable and to hold in place when the hold’down kit is used. Most users like the large capacity of this porta-potty, find the carry handle to be convenient and find this portable toilet to be comfortable and convenient to use, they do find that this toilet could be improved by the addition of a sturdier lid and a manual flush mechanism or option so that users would not have to depend on the battery-operated flush that doesn’t work for long periods.

Overall, this porta potty may be worth buying if you are prepared to change out the battery-operated pump for one that is manual should the battery-operated pump fail.

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