Travel John Privacy Tent

Travel John Privacy Tent

If you are worried about being exposed as you use your portable toilet, or worried about not having the privacy as you change your clothes, you no longer have to feel that way with a Travel John Privacy Tent. This tent can be used as a portable shower tent, toilet tent, changing room, or even a hunting blind!

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With its easy release mechanism, you can have the tent set up in a matter of seconds. The hassle of installing poles and frames is not present with the Travel John camping toilet tent. The quick release latch makes set up a breeze, and tea-down, a piece of cake.

Ventilation is not a problem with the Travel John Privacy Tent thanks to its mesh roof panel and rain-fly dome cover. You can also rely on the three-center split mesh windows for additional cross-breeze. It also has storage pockets for your supplies, privacy window flaps and four stakes and weight pockets for anchoring when the weather conditions become less favorable.

More Travel John Privacy Tent Features

The Travel John privacy Tent is ultraportable with its included carrying bag and the entire privacy tent ensemble weighing less than 7 lbs, making it easy to carry or transport. Further, it has a water-resistant fabric that is best for your outdoor shower installation for long outdoor activities. With these features, you are sure to have the privacy that you and the convenience you’ll appreciate when you are away from home.