What Equipment Do You Need for Wild Camping

What Equipment Do You Need for Wild Camping?

Wild camping is setting up your tent outside the typical campsite or official caravan park. You are sleeping out in the wilderness. This may be a part of a hiking adventure or just spending the night out in the woods to get closer to nature.

Whatever the reason, wild camping can be stressful for those who are used to modern creature comforts. Plus, wild camping is normally limited to what you can carry on your back, especially if you are on a hiking trip. What follows are the essential items that you will need for wild camping.

Proper Shelter & Sleep Gear

If there are two essential items you need for wild camping, it is a proper tent and sleeping gear that is suited for the season. Having shelter for an unexpected storm and enough warmth on a cold night will pay dividends in your wild camping experience. The tent needs to be lightweight and strong. Be sure to carry a hammer and enough stakes to secure the tent properly.

What you may not expect about keeping warm at night is that it does not add much weight to your gear. A lightweight sleeping bag liner can really trap the warmth your body generates. Add to that a beanie hat for keeping your head warm and an emergency foil blanket as a backup. You will sleep warm and cozy which makes the overall experience much better.

Food & Water

Meals that are ready to eat can save you from bringing a stove. If you are hiking, having all the food you carry ready to eat is perfect when you are too tired to prepare the food yourself. You can take with your protein bars, trail mix, and other healthy snacks that you can eat during the day.

But you can also take along some prepared meals that can be eaten during breakfast, lunch, and dinner without having to heat them. If you want to heat your food, then you will need to build a fire. But the heavy part is carrying the cooking gear necessary to both heats and hold your food.


A headlamp is one of the simplest and most useful items to take along. When trying to pitch your tent in near darkness, find essential items in your backpack, or just see what is going on at night, a headlamp is a very handy device to have that doesn’t require your hands.

Remember to Bring Only What You Need

One of the most popular tips when camping out in the wild is to bring only what you need. Too many people bring far more than that and wind up paying for it. The additional weight being carried about as you lug all that unnecessary equipment and supplies will only make your experience in the wild worse.

Keep everything to a minimum and only add things that are essential. This is especially true if you are hiking where every step can feel heavier and heavier when carrying around extra items.