What’s The Best Portable Toilet Deodorizer Of All Time? [Answer Inside]

If you are planning a road trip on a camper van or an RV, you need to get the best portable toilet deodorizer. It is convenient to have a portable toilet in your RV or camper van, but the idea of traveling around with the waste tank is pretty gross. If there’s something we have been asked the most, it is what toilet deodorizer to use to keep the odors in control.

To choose a toilet deodorizer, first, figure out how you want to use it.

Do you need a deodorizer or a deodorizer and a treatment?

A deodorizer will eliminate the odors, and treatment will break down fats, grease, and food while eliminating odors.

Another thing to consider is whether you want to treat your grey tank or black tank or both.

Whatever you choose to do with it, we have short-listed the best portable toilet deodorizers in the market for you.

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1. Walex Elemonate Grey Water Deodorizer Drop-Ins

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Walex has some great toilet deodorizers to offer. Elemonate is considered the best portable toilet deodorizer by many RV owners.

 It comes as a pouch with individually packaged tablets. The pouch has a zip-lock to keep the tablets sealed when not in use. The tablets leave the guesswork of measuring the amount of deodorizer out.

The tablets dissolve quickly and control odors. Not just that, these tablets also help in unclogging the toilet. Their regular use can help keep your RV smelling fresh.

Walex uses advanced technology to make their deodorizers. Elemonate uses enzymes to dissolve fat and grease, and break food particles in the grey tank, dishwasher, sink, bathroom, and food disposal. 

To use, just put a tablet in the tank and run some water on it. One tablet can treat about 60 gallons of the grey tank.

Elemonate is bio-degradable and is safe to use on any surface. In an RV, most surfaces are made of plastic. It is essential to use a chemical-free deodorizer to avoid any possible damage.

Overall, Walex Elemonate works great. However, some customers have complained about staining. The tablets are white but on interacting with water, they turn blue. If not cleaned properly, it might leave stains on your plastic surfaces.


  • Zipper bag packing
  • Comes as Tablets
  • Walex original formula
  • Added enzymes for waste digestion
  • Orange scent
  • Treats grey tank


  • Pricey
  • May leave stains

2. Happy Campers Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment – 64 Treatments

Happy Camper RV Holding Tank Treatment is a great portable toilet deodorizer. It comes in the form of powder in a plastic bucket that can be used for up to 64 grey tank treatments, and 40 black tank treatments.

As you can see above, this is not just a deodorizer, but a treatment. It doesn’t just mask smells but neutralizes odors. It also helps in dissolving waste of all types. It is bio-degradable and is not harmful to the environment. It is organic and does not harm plastic surfaces.

Happy Camper is made of highly-concentrated, water-activated minerals that dissolve fats, grease, food particles, and human waste. Therefore, it is used for treating both grey and black tanks in a portable toilet.

It is cost-effective. Once you put the treatment in a tank, it will keep working until you drain the tank. Then, you will have to add the treatment again. Therefore, one scoop works a long way.


  • Cost-effective
  • Bio-degradable
  • Mineral-based formula
  • Dissolves human waste
  • Dissolves fats and food
  • Treats grey tank
  • Treats black tank
  • Chemical-free


  • Comes in loose powder form, may cause mess or the hassle to measure.

3. Camco TST Orange 30 Pack Ultra-Concentrated Citrus Scent RV Toilet Treatment Drop-Ins

Camco TST Orange is a bio-degradable black tank treatment. It comes in the form of tiny pouches or drop-ins. Its drop-in has a highly-concentrated, formaldehyde-free treatment that treats odors and wastes.

It is bio-degradable and organic. It eliminates odors and digests the wastes in the black tank of a portable toilet. One drop-in is enough to treat and deodorize 40 gallons of the waste tank.

The ultra-concentrated formula is so strong that it dissolves all kinds of wastes and even tissues. This makes Camco TST the best portable toilet deodorizer. No need to spend money on expensive RV toilet tissues, as this treatment will dissolve all kinds of toilet tissues.

It has a citrus scent that makes your RV smell pleasant after eliminating all odors. Users recommend to use it with hot water to increase its effectivity.

The pods are compact, dissolve quickly and save the hassle of measuring and pouring powder or liquid.


  • Mess-free drop-in packaging
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Bio-degradable
  • Eliminates odors
  • Digests wastes
  • Dissolves tissues
  • Citrus scent


  • Doesn’t clean sensor

4. Walex TOI-91799 Porta-Pak Holding Tank Deodorizer Drop-Ins

Walex Porta Pak is the most popular and widely used portable toilet deodorizer. It comes in a zipper bag with small pods of highly-concentrated treating agent. This makes it very convenient to use.

Porta Pak claims to use the strongest odor-eliminating formula. One small pod can keep your pod smelling fresh for 7 days. The longevity of the formula makes it the best portable toilet deodorizer.

You can choose from two fragrances, fresh scent, and lavender breeze. It can treat 40 gallons of the grey tank. It is very easy to use. Just toss the pod in water and make sure it is fully immersed in the water. It dissolves fast and starts the action right away.

Walex uses a non-staining blue dye to keep your surfaces safe. Moreover, it is organic and formaldehyde-free and does not harm plastic surfaces.

It is not just an odor-eliminator but also breaks down all kinds of wastes and even tissues.

Overall, Walex Porta Pak performs great. It is a favorite in the market and is used commercially in most porta-potties.


  • Zipper lock bag
  • Quick-dissolving pods
  • Mess-free packaging
  • Treats 40 gallons grey tank
  • Two fragrances to chose from
  • Strong odor-eliminating formula
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Long-lasting formula
  • Bio-degradable



To find the best portable toilet deodorizer can be difficult as there are so many to choose from. When in doubt, stick with a trust-worthy brand. Always make sure to read the packaging to see if the deodorizer is suitable for your portable toilet.

Most portable toilets are made of plastic and can be harmed by chemicals. We hope our list will help you choose the best portable toilet deodorizer for your RV and camper van.