Where Do You Empty a Portable Toilet

Where Do You Empty a Portable Toilet?

When on a camping trip, one of the issues that you may face is finding out where do you empty a portable toilet. Portable toilets offer considerable convenience along with some privacy when you need to use the bathroom. However, one issue that many will face will be where to empty a portable toilet. Whether you are outdoors or traveling through the city, there are places where you can properly dispose of the waste in the toilet.

What is a Portable Toilet?

As the name implies, this is a toilet that you can take with you. You use it like a standard toilet that you find in your home. Most portable toilets have a chemical tank that holds the waste until it can be properly disposed of.

A portable toilet means that you do not have to rely on public restrooms or rest areas in camping facilities when you are traveling. It is especially advantageous to those who spend a considerable amount of time on the road, such as truck drivers. While most portable toilets look like the one you have in your home, there are considerable differences.

There is no drain connected to a sewage system with a portable toilet, it is a self-contained unit. This means that you will need to empty the toilet yourself when it is ready. Understanding the proper procedures to empty and clean your portable toilet will mean getting the most out of its functionality.


Although a portable toilet is rather self-explanatory in terms of how it is to be used, proper cleaning and maintenance along with where to empty a portable toilet are important to know before you get started. You should start with purchasing a disinfectant and deodorant which is often combined in one product to prepare the toilet itself.

Add the deodorant or disinfectant to the water take, pump the water, and flush it a couple of times so that it reaches all areas of the toilet itself. Then close the lid and you are ready to go. By preparing the toilet beforehand, it will make emptying it later considerable easier.

How to Empty the Tank

When you are ready to empty a portable toilet, you should follow the guidelines as included with the instructions to the unit you purchased. It should lay out exactly how to dump the contents. For most portable toilets, you start by separating the waste tank from the tank of water. Be sure to separate it correctly by following the instructions.

You’ll want to check that both tanks are sealed so that there is no spillage or accidents. Depending on the design of the toilet, you may have the carry the whole thing to the disposal. You may want to have a small dolly or carrying device if the portable toilet was heavy.

Once you are ready, remove the cap from the waste tank and pour it out. Start slowly at first so you ensure that you get all the waste into the proper area. If you have a tap and bucket or hose, you can flush out the tank itself which will help to properly clean it.

When the tank is empty, you will need to wash it thoroughly. This will help destroy any germs or bacteria that might be in the tank. This will protect you and those who also use the toilet. If you are emptying the tank for the final time, pour in some disinfectant and deodorant which will remove the odors and ensure that any remaining bacteria is destroyed. Now you can store the portable toilet when you get home.

Remember when you store the toilet to remove all the water as well. This is especially true during the winter as you do not want the water inside to freeze which might damage the portable toilet.

How Often Should You Empty a Portable Toilet?

There are two times when you should empty your portable toilet. When the contents of the waste tank are getting near full capacity and when you no longer are using the toilet because you are heading home or to a place where you have access to a standard toilet.

Remember to check the capacity of your portable toilet as that will let you know when it should be emptied if you are still out on your trip.

Where to Empty the Portable Toilet?

You do not want to dump the contents outdoors as that will only pollute the ground. There are two basic places you can empty a portable toilet. The first is at a designated dumping site for the wastewater, such as an RV site where they are quite common. Some camping grounds have them as well, but you will need to check first to see what is in your location.

The second place is your own toilet which leads to the sewage system or septic tank of your home. With the wastewater being processed, that is the safest area to dump your tank. Do not pour it down a sink drain as that exposes you to potential airborne bacteria, viruses, or germs that may be in the wastewater. You should treat the wastewater inside just like you treat the wastewater in your own toilet.

Of course, how often you need to empty a portable toilet will depend on how often it has been used, how long the waste material has remained in the toilet, and whether you can find the right spot to empty the contents. If you are traveling, you may want to check the map to see if there are any dumping stations on your way home if the camping area you were in did not have one.


Understanding where do you empty a portable toilet will help you make the best-informed decision of whether this device is for you. If your profession is being out on the road a lot, such as a trucker. Or, you enjoy camping, but do not want the inconvenience of having to prepare a latrine outside, then knowing all the answers about a portable toilet will help. At the very least, you’ll know where can I empty my portable toilet when needed.